Podfood is new food. Fast food you make yourself that is more portable and easier to eat. Made with specially designed podshells that hold the fillings together better. Podshells make it possible to store, pack and eat food choices that normally require a container and utensiles. See our videos to learn more

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Always Find our Videos @ the PodfoodTv  Channel @You Tube

No Preservatives, No Cholesterol, No Trans Fat, Just Flour, Canola oil, Water, Salt and Sugar UN-COOKED

Perfect for making 100's of podfoodtv podwiches. Pods are the best new food for people who need healthy food on the go. You can find out more and how to make them on the PodfoodTV channel at YouTube.  

Podshells is a registered trademark of Podfoodstv a division of Renew Science Inc.

Podshells are essential to all good podfood preparations,They are currently available for purchase to only Verified partners in podfood commerce development. To Learn More Contact mediasciencetv@me.com

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