Tax Credit Guidelines

{}Qualify for 26 % 2020 tax credits...

It is important to note that the structure must be comple ted and operational before you can apply for theTax credits. As of 2020 the tax credit has started its ramp down fro m 30% in 2019 and will eventually be eliminated.You do not need a cyber truck or and electric vehicle to receive the tax credits. The sooner you complete the building the better.Tax credit for solar may be eliminated at any time but you should be good for 2020 at least.

Assuming you qualify for the solar tax credit, here are some of the things that you can claim when filing your tax returns:

          Solar consulting fees

          Solar equipment

          Freight shipping costs

          Tools and equipment

          Professional installer fees

          Engineer fees

          Electrician fees

          Wiring, screws, bolts, nails, etc.

          Permitting service costs

          Permitting fees

You can do the installation yourself if you have the technical know-how but you can’t claim your own labor for installing solar panels or solar features as part of the tax credit on your return.

On a typical cyber structure the components that will qualify for 26% tax credit will be the solar panels, batteries, inverters and charger components, heat conversion, storage and delivery components, solar glazings, automatic glazing components, site improvements for solar gains, design fees, component shipping and assorted other costs related to the cost of the solar equipment. A typical simple charging garage cyber structure could provide $7500,-10,000 in federal income tax credit. If the building is used for business purposes it may also qualify for investment tax credit of $1500-2500.00.

..but it would sure be an advantage to have gotten these incentives and have a completed garage that will charge your truck with solar when it arrives. If the structure is grid tied it can begin to pay for itself as soon as it is operational.

Some common structural elements will include: long life no maintenance metal skin and roof, radiant slab floors, metal doors and metal clad windows.

Cold climate auxiliary heating if required...geothermal, propane boiler or space heater, pellet and wood stove coupled to contact water exchanger to radiant slab floor. Fully heated cyber space must have full foundations and be well insulated.


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