Warm Climate Version

Our basic cyber structure has been developed for over 20 years to work well in northern climates where significant heat loads are generted for much of the year. Designed to maximize sun capture in multiple ways it will even collect usefull amounts on a cloudy day. Warmer climates need a slight shift of priorities to provide more heat rejection.

There are some desert and high plains areas that can benifit from some stored heat and cool.  The  stored solar electric can essential provide 24/7 air conditioning and the active shutter wall on the south glazing can be usefull in a warm climate to help reject solar heat gains to the building.

We have developed a DC powered heat pump and geothermal technologies that can apply quite well to this design for improving cooling.The solar heat pump technologies that we have developed to maximize heating effectiveness can also be applyed to maximize cooling.

Our SHPM technology can provide greater daily charging capability, especially when its cloudy, by reducing cooling loads. Achieved with the high COP of the DC heat pump and geothermal and radiant slab technology our cyber garage design for warm climateswill be as effective as those of northern areas.You can expect plans for this version late summer 2020.

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Warm Climate Versions

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