Solar Heat Pump Module

GET MORE bang for your solar buck by storing the solar power you make in tanks full of hot and cold water. Typically heating and cooling are the 2 biggest users of the power need for buildings. Tanks cost less than batteries, so you can get more capacity for perhaps 1/2 to 1/4 the cost of Lithium Ion.

A heat pump has a high COP which means you essentially double or triple the efficiency of the solar power you capture on your building.

In many cold climates some kind of geothermal source is also present.  If this is a factor it adds one more layer of efficiency

It all adds up to a system that that takes up less space on your roof and costs lots less. A heat pump solar system can work well with only 500 watts of panels. Most PV contractors will recomend a minimum or 5000 watts so you see the difference.

Replace or augment battery storage with Heat or cold storage with this SHPM



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