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Garage or Shop, Storefront, Off grid home Net Zero versions

PV solar installers are comonplace, experieced and competive. You can easily contract to have professional installations in most areas of the country. PV options are now afordable and still qualify for many incentives which vary state to state.

Electric Solar Panels

Mulitiple battery vendors are emerging to provide significant capacity and power delivery options. We believe they can soon even provide DC fast charging with your cyber structures

Batterys Store the Electricity

We are in the process of building this website for the proliferation of this significant innovation. We decades of experience developing and producing solar powered structures for northern climates. We are actively seeking parnerships and vendor suppliers to fofill component needs If you wish to be apart of this please contact us at renewscience.@me.com

The Building heats itself in winter

State of the art direct gain passive solar glazing system will provide significant heating and lighing that can also qualify for Tax credits and incentives

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Qualifys for 26% 2020 Federal Tax Credits See What Qualifys You Cannot claim credits until its completed

Charge any EV without Grid connection with solar that heats and powers building

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June 2020

Dec 2020

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Get started builing your with standard plans or plans made for your need

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Truly Cyber Autonomous Ev charging Solar heated buildings

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