Solar Electric and Heating

Solar powers the structure. Heat is supplied in winter by a high performance direct gain glass wall glazing with an auto insulating Movable Partition shutter-wall. With automatic closure for day/nite and weather operation.

The Building runs on it own independant electrical system comprised of 5-10 kilowatts of solar PV roof panels coupled to 10 to 50 kilowatts  state of the art Battery storage. Ac conversion provide structure power and vehicle charging capacity.

40amp ac charging w/optional dc fast charge. A grid tie option on existing property can offset costs of electric to other buildings when not used to charge EV vehicles.

The solar panel on the cyber garage is large enough to provide 400 volts DC which can be easliy used to provide DC fast Charging if the batteries are configured for that voltage. This option is current not well known from the industry but should soon be available

Something else to consider in a payback analysis. A base cyber truck that costs less than $40,000 that would replace a comparable fossil truck would provide a gasoline cost component as the basis for payback calculations.

Sized to provide 20,000 miles per year a cyber garage could offset its initial cost by around $4000 per year as compared to simple kWh savings of perhaps $1000 per year. This is a 4 fold increase in return on investment and certainly a significant economic stimulus especially if this is utilized in a commercial for profit business setting.

Autonomous Power and Free Fuel


Warm Climate Version